The Pain of Non Conformance

Whether a non conformance is raised as part of a third party assessment visit or internal finding, it often means additional work for the person assigned with closing the issue.  As non-conformance isn’t an everyday occurrence, it’s not always easy to complete. I’d like to take this pain in bite size chunks, looking at: What […]

The Pain of Not Enough Time and Not Enough Knowledge

We can’t all be experts at everything, no matter how hard we try.  One of the biggest issues we come across is the pressure on resource, both from a time perspective and also the specialist skills required to support a management system. Splitting the two points, lets look at each individually and identify what is […]

Beyond ISO – leveraging processes

In my final year engineering degree project, I fronted my dissertation with a quote from a guy called Lord Kelvin.  He used to run about Scotland a couple of hundred years ago measuring the temperature of the water at the top and bottom of waterfalls and as a result came up with the Kelvin scale […]

Practical ISO implementation

As some of you know I used make diamond tools for a living.  This involved mixing not very sparkly diamonds in even less sparkly clay.  We would then make the mixture very hot and squeeze it very hard to make an “insert”.  And of course, we didn’t want our finger burnt so, we let the […]

The Black Box Approach: Failure a springboard to success

Some years ago, we picked up a new client, they had an existing management system, and we were asked to undertake an audit prior to their external assessment because they hadn’t had time to do so, and they needed a quick fix.  Our consultant undertook, to my mind, a spectacular audit gently challenging the status […]