Average Prices

Let’s get straight to the point:


  • How much is a typical ongoing ISO support contract?
  • How much is a typical ISO project?


Well let’s first take the typical client that we deal with, it might be a manufacturing company, a construction company, a building services company, maybe an architect, surveyor or an M&E contractor.  They might have one office and anywhere between, let’s say, 15 and 50 staff.


  • A typical ISO support agreement might be £4-£6k pa payable quarterly
  • A typical ISO project for organisation of this size might be £8-£12k payable over the duration of the contract, say 6-9 months


That’ll give you a rough idea, but of course there are variables, so in different instances it could be more, it could be less.  But that’s certainly a half decent “ballpark figure”.

Pricing variables

So, what are the variables that might affect the final fixed price?

As you might imagine there are a number, and they include:

  • The standard required – some standards are more complex to implement than others
  • The extent of existing policies, processes, procedures and practises already in place – A company already registered to SSIP, Exor, Achilles, CHAS, Construction Line or something similar, is already going to have a lot of the processes and practises required for the ISO 45001 health and safety standard
  • The number of standards the company want registration to – The more standards required, the more common elements can be integrated which reduces the overall workload
  • How well existing processes and practises are deployed and enforced
  • The degree of risk in the activities undertaken
  • The number of offices and the number of people doing the same (or similar) jobs
  • The approach taken;
    • Hands on – Where we write the processes and systems with you and your people, or
    • Facilitative – We teach your people how to write the processes and we review and check them

Driving instructor and driving examiner

As might be expected for a UKAS approved ISO certification, UKAS being the ISO governing body in the UK, there needs to be a differentiation between the driving instructor, essentially the consultant, in this case us (hopefully) and the driving examiner.  A UKAS approved certifying body.

So, Statius teach you how to drive the ISO bus, but the driving test needs to be undertaken by a UKAS approved agency, who usually also want playing!

So, taking the same typical company above, typical costs for an assessment to one standard would usually be in the order of:


  • Initial assessment – £2k-£4k
  • Ongoing annual assessment – £1k-£2k